Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Alice and Wonderland Day!!!!!!!

Words can not explain how Happy I am because of this release today. I would like to Thank GOD for creating Tim Burton and Tim Burton for being such an amazing artist/director and inspiration to all! Let me just tell you guys that I am going to this Tea Party all decked out in Betsey Johnson with my mad hater hat! IMAX is not ready for LaDon.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just Some Visual Brain Food....

My Groovy IsssSSHHH

Putting it in the Air!!!

OK so you know how every now and then you feel so strongly about a topic that you just have to air it out. Well this is my moment.............

I'm a huge Hip Hop fan and as a Hip Hop fan I have had to go through A LOT of transitions and attempts to accept this new direction money has made our new age "MC's" go in. I refuse to accept the fact that Lauryn Hill will not one day come back to the game and miraculously heal it. I also can not accept Soulja Boy and him changing his name officially to Soulja Boy Tell 'Em. Now I have accepted everyone jacking "LIL" from Lil Kim (who should be getting royalties for that!) but now I am fed up and convinced that these new "MC's" have lost alllllllll their creativity. Allow me to introduce you to Waka Floka. REALLY????!!!!!???? WAKA FLOKA. Is that a new dish at Mr.Chang's? I'm confused. Oh no wait don't get too excited it gets worse. Just check out his amazing biography on Wikipedia Waka Flocka Fame and tell me what you think. I'm disgusted. Back to real ART!

Woof that felt better!