Sunday, April 11, 2010

Old But Still Relevant!!

        Erykah Badu was charged with a $500 dollar fine on April 1 (fools day) for indecent exposure in the making of her video "Window Seat". The video was shot raw with no crew and of course no permits for public exposure. Erykah choose a prime Dallas historical location to make a bold statement and to my interpretation televise the revolution. This video captures Erykah walking down the streets on Dallas removing her close until only her bare human body is showing. As soon as the last piece of clothing is removed she is shot in the head falling near the same grassy knoll where President Kennedy was shot in 1963. Letters soon come puring out her head as if they where blood to spell out "Groupthink". You then hear Erykahs voice say "They who play it safe, are quick to assassinate what they don't understand .They move in packs, ingesting more and more fear with every act of hate on one another. They feel more comfortable in groups, less guilt to swallow. They are us. This is what we have become, afraid to respect individual." The video was taken down on all sites except Kanye West Blog.  If you have yet to see it please check it out. My question to you is do you think that Dallas Police/ Our government fined her for "Indecent Exposure" or because she is dropping knowledge onto our people with disregard to what punishment they may give her? I see people walking down Skid Row everyday half naked, with rotten black feet, missing teeth and sometimes even pissing on the street like a dog. I see cop cars drive by them and just wait for them to die. So why aren't they fined? Is it because they have no knowledge to give us? Is because they don't have money to even give them? Or is it because they are exactly where they what us to be relying on our government to "save us". They have no hopes, no expectations other then waiting in line to receive soup, bread and occasionally some clothes. Erykah tweeted "They are not trying to lock me up for nudity, They want me cause I am awake." Be awake people! Do your research, learn about what is hidden from you, respect your brothers and sisters, help them, Live Life and Be Conscious! 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pillow Fight Day

Long time no speak Lovers. In the past couple of weeks I have been freelancing my but off, working on my new handbag collection with Lorielle, Working on a feed the homeless in Downtown LA event, Planning a summer vacay to my homeland of Puerto Rico and last but not least....PILLOW FIGHHHTTTIIINNNGGGGG!!!!!! Saturday was National Pillow Fight Day and hundreds of people showed up in Downtown LA's Pershing Square for a major feathery quit invigorating beat down! The biggest challenge of the event was deciding if I should Shoot or Fight. The irony of the who debate was quit funny but at the end of the day I decided to capture the moment and keep it forever with a couple of shots to the head.

Clearly he is Reliving his childhood!
The man in the middle had padding on. Let's just say anyone with a pillow took it as a challenge!


A little girls dream land

Even cuz It showed up for the Pillow Fight!
Feathers got stuck in every ones hair .....
Including mine! I washed my hair twice and still had feathers randomly falling out. lol