Monday, February 22, 2010

Black & White

Well Hello! This post is dedicated to one pair of shoes that I NEED in my life and I'm just trying to justify the whopping price of $475. I mean what is a fashionista to do without these. I honestly feel like I will have a better career and be a more recognized designer if I had these. Its like how when Biggie had his Versace shades on they made the world automatically demand respect. That's how I feel about these. They would be a staple in my collection FOREVER. Think I have to do it! Ouch
I am ADDICTED, OBSESSED and NEED these in my life. SERIOUSLY!

Could not do a Black and White post without him. Check out his site its amazing!!!!Tim Burton 

My Lovebot. Just made him!

Had to do it! HeHeeeeeeeee
Need this for the shoes!!!!!!! Betsey Johnson Fall 2010
Me when im 60 minus the blonde hair!! Love you Betsey

Jeremy Scott Fall 2010 
I'm loving the black and white post so this will be another regular post now. xoxo

Saturday, February 20, 2010

LaDon x The Billionaire PA x The Power of GOD

Wud up world! I am so excited to share my latest collaboration with you. I teamed up with The Billionaire PA to bring his 365 quotes to life! The first design was "GOD'S on my team, Who's on yours?" This project means a lot to me because I am finally able to spread the power of GOD through the talent he blessed me with. The t-shirts are GREAT quality and come in various colors for $25. If you would like to support this positive movement you can purchase your t-shirts and view more pics at  The Billionaire PA on Facebook.  Oh and send me some pics of your rocking it so I can post them! Now can I get an AMEN!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love, Love and More Love

So I walk in from work today and my dog lyric (the slower one in the family) decided to lick my painting and smudge all the black. I took it as a challenge and just decided to go crazy with it! So here is where we are at now. Should be really interesting to see where this goes. 
Dope wall piece by Artist Above

Babe and I first pic caught on our 3 date at the Lamar and Dauley release party in 2007. Would you believe this pic made it on all kinds of blogs and we didn't even know someone took a pics of us. Just imagine when she becomes a rock star! lol 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love Week

I have always found a huge connection between me and my birth date/time Valentines Day at 2:14pm. Not only am I connected with it because it was the day I was born but the Love coming out of this day has always been apart of me. I always felt like I was the human cupid. From loving to love, to bringing people together to love, to spreading love through art. There is nothing I enjoy more than Love. So I am spreading Love all week....GET INTO IT!

I started working on this fun heart piece tonight and everyday this week I plan to add more to it and continue updating you guys! Well up until Babe and I go on our romantic getaway to Big Bear Mountain for a weekend of Cabin Love and snowboarding. I have the best girlfriend ever by the way!

Love this film because it just goes to show that when your in Love with someone and I mean true love nothing can stop you from loving that person. Not to say that I think you should stay with someone who blinds you.... but no one can judge your relationship but GOD. Every time I go through something with my girlfriend I learn from it, grow from it and in the end Love her even more. Regardless of what we go through I know we can get through it, I know she is all I want and need as my life partner! So follow your heart, open your eyes and GOD will lead you.

Here is a preview of this super cute glitter heart graphic I did for one of the main clothing lines I currently design for, Signorelli. OMGeezy can I just tell you that ALL the stuff I did for them for 2010 is super cute! Eat it up kiddies.