Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love Week

I have always found a huge connection between me and my birth date/time Valentines Day at 2:14pm. Not only am I connected with it because it was the day I was born but the Love coming out of this day has always been apart of me. I always felt like I was the human cupid. From loving to love, to bringing people together to love, to spreading love through art. There is nothing I enjoy more than Love. So I am spreading Love all week....GET INTO IT!

I started working on this fun heart piece tonight and everyday this week I plan to add more to it and continue updating you guys! Well up until Babe and I go on our romantic getaway to Big Bear Mountain for a weekend of Cabin Love and snowboarding. I have the best girlfriend ever by the way!

Love this film because it just goes to show that when your in Love with someone and I mean true love nothing can stop you from loving that person. Not to say that I think you should stay with someone who blinds you.... but no one can judge your relationship but GOD. Every time I go through something with my girlfriend I learn from it, grow from it and in the end Love her even more. Regardless of what we go through I know we can get through it, I know she is all I want and need as my life partner! So follow your heart, open your eyes and GOD will lead you.

Here is a preview of this super cute glitter heart graphic I did for one of the main clothing lines I currently design for, Signorelli. OMGeezy can I just tell you that ALL the stuff I did for them for 2010 is super cute! Eat it up kiddies. 

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